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Naming Conventions

OData Term Rule Good Example Bad Example
General Use Camel case SalesDocument SALESDOCUMENT
General No Underscores PurchaseOrder Purchase_Order
General Use English Names Order Auftrag
General No SAP technical names CompanyCode BUKRS
Entity Names Only Nouns CostCenter CostCenterF4
Entity Names Only Singulars PurchaseOrder PurchaseOrderList
Entity Names No Operation Names SalesOrder CreateSalesOrder
Entity Sets Use Plural of Entity Name or add "Set" PurchaseOrders, PurchaseOrderSet PurchaseOrder
Navigations Name as Entity name if the target cardinality is 1 /OrderHead('1')/OrderItem('1') /OrderHead('1')/Header_Item('1')
Navigations Same as EntitySet name if the target cardinality is M /OrderHead('1')/OrderItems /OrderHead('1')/Header_Item
Function Imports (V2) / Actions (V4) Use Clear Names BlockSalesOrder Block